Saturday, November 25, 2006

Great day at the mailbox

First of all: Happy Birthday Mark!

We received 2 very important packages in the mail today...
First, is a detailed development report for our daughter. It includes her height, weight, head and chest circumference from one day old, and each month after that until 7 months. I also have her immunization record, medical history, language development, muscle and mental development reports. I know exactly what she's been eating, including the brand of formula! According to the report, she is very healthy and happy and is up to date with all her immunizations! The report about her personality and behavior is long, but here are some highlights:
She like her bath
She likes to smile and be picked up
When picked up, she holds on tight
She reaches for the toys hanging along the crib
She babbles when lying in her crib and to the nannies when they talk to her and tease her
She moves her feet when she's in her walker
She is very excited in new situations

I'm so glad that she has toys in her crib, splashes in the bathtub, is held often, is spoken to and has seen a doctor every month of her life.

Also in the mailbox today was a bday present for Dev from Aunt Sue, Uncle Shain and cousin Cadance...did you hear him scream when he opened the Texas Longhorns jersey???

Happy Cadance

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Debbie & Kirk said...

Congratulations on receiving your report. It sounds like she is being very well cared for.

LID: Sep 7
hoping for referral SOON!