Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A little bit about the process

We sent in our application to CCAI in March 2005, then spent 4 months gathering paperwork, signatures and approvals. Our paperwork arrived and was logged in to the China Center for Adoption Affairs on August 10, 2005. At the time, matches were taking 6 months. We figured we'd be matched in Feb '06 and travel in April '06. Wrong. The time frame kept lengthening and we never knew what was going to happen next. Finally, our turn was getting closer and we believed we'd be matched at the end of September. Well, we missed the cut off that month by one day. So, after being logged in for 15 months, we finally got the referral call on November 3, 2006. When I write it out like that it sounds like a walk in the park! Either that, or the pregnancy of an elephant.

Now, we have to wait a few weeks to get our TA (travel approval) and then we will frantically try to get flights on one week's notice and leave for a 16 day trip to China!

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Debbie & Kirk said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! She's adorable.

hoping for referral soon!