Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ancient Chinese secret

This will be a quick post and I'll have to post pictures later. First of all, HI DYLAN AND DEVIN! ! WE LOVE YOU AND WE MISS YOU SO MUCH! We know you are having fun and Nana and Pop Pop are taking good care of you. Everyone, your emails are lifesavers! Thank you!

Maia Isabelle is still not feeling well. The good news is we can tell she is feeling safe with us. This morning she ALMOST smiled. It was tiny and quick but we'll never forget it. We have been calling her "Maia Na Na" to get her used to her new name and it's working. Keith called her "Maia" and she turned her head to look at him. She knows our voices and looks for whichever one of us is not holding her. She is still a velcro baby with me but will go to Keith a little better. We know her tummy is hurting badly and we went to the hotel doctor again. The doctor spoke to Maia in Cantonese and told her that I was her mama and that I loved her very much. Maia just looked at her like, "well, duh, she's been hugging me for 3 days straight!" The official language of China is Mandarin but Maia is from a southern area where they speak Cantonese. Anyway, we got some Chinese baby tea for her from the doctor. Ancient Chinese secret? We hope so. Please pray that she feels better soon!

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Anonymous said...

Tricia & Keith,

Have you e-mailed Dr. MacKauel to see if she has experienced this type of stomach problems before? If you want me to call her I would be happy to. I hope Maia feels better soon. We will keep her in our prayers.
The Knittels