Monday, December 11, 2006

A few minutes of playing


Anonymous said...

Keith & Tricia & Maia,

We are so happy for you. You are both just beaming in the photo with your daughter in your arms. Thank you for giving us your links we didn't have them. We can't wait to see Maia in person. We are sure it is an adjustment for all of you not just Maia.
Thank you for letting us share in your journey.
Dave & Alisa & Family!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys - I am holding Maddie ( 4 months old now ) up to the computer showing her the pics of her new older cousin Maia. She has a huge smile and is sticking out her tongue (giving kisses)!We are soooooo happy for you! Love, Coco, Dan & Maddie

Anonymous said...

Tricia and Keith, We have been looking at your websites and pictures all day. Maia is absolutely beautiful. I don't think I've seen the two of you beam so bright or look so relaxed for months. Taylor wants to say hi and hurry home. Thank you so much for keeping us all informed on your adventure. We can't wait to see the three of you. love, karen
p.s. the boys are doing great!