Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some new families

We are traveling with 14 other families. There are 5 families with babies from our same orphanage, Xuwen. It is a 7 hour bus ride so I don't think we will be visiting. The other 10 families have babies from Yang Chun which is only about 4 hours away. They will visit the orphanage next Tuesday. Here are some of our travelmates with their babies in the first half hour of meeting them! Enjoy!

Anne, Gunther and Alexandra. We met them on the plane and every time they see Maia they say "She is looking better!". They're so nice!

Julie and Tess. Julie is a single mom and has been beaming from ear to ear since we got here. Carolyn, it makes me think of you!

TJ, Deb and Lily. I've nicknamed Lily Miss Congeniality because she was laughing and playing from minute one. She is always crawling around and is quite a handful. Apparently, they have a friend who is a missionary stationed in China. This man has been visiting Lily and speaking English to her. She is very comfortable with our western faces and understands English! She even will point at Deb and say Mama. When we got Maia we still didn't have our suitcase so we didn't have a blanket to give her right away. Deb noticed that Maia was opening and closing her hand as if she was feeling for her blanket, so Deb pulled the blanket they brought out of her bag and gave it to Maia. It was very helpful and Maia still looks for that blanket. TJ and Deb said we could keep it and we'll always be grateful to them for that!

I'll post about more families later!

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