Saturday, December 16, 2006

We traveled all the way to China to go to a mall and eat pizza

Today we went to the pearl market and mall in downtown Guangzhou. Shopping for jewelery was fun then came the best part. Pizza Hut! It tasted exactly the way it was supposed to taste. We did see some fried wormy things on a stick and these bug like creatures but we opted for pizza hut.

Maia is doing much better although we think she may be allergic to her formula. Even though it's the same brand/kind as the orphanage said she was on, she seems to break out in hives and rashes after she eats. (Oh, yeah, she actually drinks her bottle now! Only about 4-5 ounces every 4-5 hours but it's an improvement). It may have also caused her stomach problems. We are going to switch her to soy formula and see if it helps. Also, I have benadryl but there is no dose for under age 6. I'm going to email our dr at home but if any of you moms out there know the dose for an 18 pounder let me know. I think it will help her itchy hives. She sat in a highchair at breakfast for the first time this morning. She was having lots of fun banging toys around.

We're thinking of going on a cruise on the Pearl River tonight with our travel group. We'll see if Maia is up to it (and if I sinuses are acting up).

Congratulations on taking some steps, Thomas! Maia can take a couple if I'm holding her hands. I don't think she's strong enough to walk on her own anytime soon. She smiled at Keith for the first time today and reached out to him when she wanted to be picked up from the floor. He is SO excited!

Mom and Dad, thanks for the email letting us know how things are going. I'm glad they're being so good. That is not a bruise on maia's hand, it's a mongolian spot. It's a harmless birthmark that many Chinese people are born with. They are very dark and look like bruises. They are usually on their bottoms or backs and fade in a few years. Maia actually has TONS of them. Her whole bottom is covered as well as the majority of her back. She also has that one on her hand, her wrist and ankles. Our guide Kathy said she's "very Chinese". Actually, people have been commenting about how pale maia is. When people on the street ask us what province she is from they almost don't believe us. Kathy said it's because she is lighter and doesn't have the "look" of guangdong people. She said probably her birthparents were from a little more north and inland, and moved to guangdong province.

Dylan, We hope you had fun at the concert with Austin and Brandt and that you didn't stay up TOO late.

Devin, it must have been fun having Nana and Pop pop all to yourself ! Did you play spongebob Life?

Thanks to all our neighbors and friend who have been telling us about the boys. It's SO nice to know you are all looking out for them! Enjoy the pictures!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Love reading about and seeing pictures of Maia. Thanks for sharing this experience. When will you all be home? Love, Elaine

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, 18lbs is 1/2 tsp of Benadryl every 4-6 hrs. It made Thomas very sleepy when I gave it to him so give it a try and keep it handy for the plane ride home ;) We'll see you in a week!