Sunday, December 10, 2006

We're in CHINA!

Hey! We made it! The good news is the flights weren't too bad. We were pretty comfortable and had lots to eat. I slept A LOT on all three flights and read a whole book. Keith watched movies and napped. Dylan and Devin...the movie on the plane was the football movie, "Invincible".

Now for the BAD news. One of our suitcases did not arrive in China. You can probably guess which one. We have nothing we need for the baby. We have no clothes, no medicine, no diapers, no blankets, no toys, no carrier...I think you get what I'm saying. We are so upset about this, obviously. There's another couple who is missing a bag too and the four of us are sort of in a daze. We are so unprepared to get our babies. We filled out some paperwork with the airline but they seemed less than concerned. If anyone feels like calling LAX to see if they still have our bag, let me know.

It's now Sunday at 1:30 pm and we just got back to our room after buying one (not very cute) outfit, a jacket (they're having a cold spell) and some diapers. Hopefully, our bag will arrive tomorrow, but if not we have to buy lots more items to get us through. I guess we know what we're getting Dave and Alisa for Christmas.

Well, we have a meeting today at 4:30 then we get Maia tomorrow morning (Monday here). We are so excited to get her! We are able to read our email here and your comments on this page. Thomas, sorry we missed your first birthday party. We'll have to have another one for you and Maia when we get home :).

Tomorrow we'll hopefully have some pictures to post of our baby girl!


Darolyn said...

WOW!!!! Ted and I just learned a valuable lesson for our trip.
Maia's bag will show up...give it some time. You are a GREAT have 2 boys! You're'll figure it out. Can't wait to see pictures!!!!
Maia's coming...

Mary F. said...

Horray!!! You have finally arrived in China!! The precious missing luggage is just one more bump in the road in this journey of yours. I can just imagine your faces when the last of the luggage rolled by without Maia's. Things always work out for you two, and just to help a bit, I'll send some extra prayers your way! Tomorrow will be so exciting!! Treasure it :).

POPOP said...

Hi Mommyand Daddy, we hope you are having a good tine in China and that you get Maia,s bag soon. Last night we saw the space shuttle Discovery go up from the football field at Heather's. It looked like the sunset going UP! Dylan and Nana beat Devin and Popop in the first round of our checkers tournament. We love and miss you very much. Love Dylan and Devin.

PS> send us the claim ticket # and the description of the lost bag. We also need the phone # for China airline and Dad will work on it from this end.Allis well here and the boys are great!