Sunday, February 25, 2007

Splish Splash

Here are some pictures of Maia splashing around on the porch. She just loves being outside.
Yes, I know her bathing suit is too big.

She has been trying lots of new foods including:



egg rolls

beef and broccoli

ham with spicy mustard

triscuits (a favorite)

frozen yogurt

She's still not thrilled about eating but she's more willing to try things. She chews very well!

Maia has also been talking a lot. She says the beginning sounds of lots of words and as long as you're paying attention you can figure out what she wants to say. Here is some of her vocabulary:

Mama (She's been saying mama for months but I just had to put it in there)


Deh (Devin)

Di Di (Dylan)

Nah Nah (Night Night)

Nah (nice)

BAH (book)

Baw (ball)

Tata (Thomas)

Maw (more)

uh (up)

Her new favorite activity (other than being outside and going to the park) is reading books. She gets a book and yells "BAH" over and over on my lap then does the sign for "more" about 1,000 times. She loves Curious George and Brown Bear. She's going to be a reader just like her brothers. Dylan is so proud, "That's my girl!"

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Marianne pour "les cousines de Xuwen" said...

Sooo funny to read about Miss Maia's talk. Amazing also to see how much Ninon and Maia look alike on some pix... Kindest regards from Marianne, French mum to Ninon, Maia's Xu cousin (