Saturday, March 24, 2007

check up

Maia had her 15 month doctor's appointment yesterday and he said she looks perfect. We have to get one blood test redone because he felt it was a little high (liver). Also, he looked at her immunization record from Xuwen and felt it was mostly bogus. (Xuwen families, feel free to email me and I will elaborate.) We are redoing her immunizations and she will be caught up in 6 weeks when we go back.

Back in December, she was 18.3 lbs. and 27 in. long. These numbers had her in the 10th percentile for both. She is now 20 lbs. 13 oz. and 30 inches. This puts her in the 25th percentile for both. It's amazing what a little nutrition will do! Sue- I know you were amazed that she was so short, but imagine her 3 inches shorter and walking around!

I don't have any pictures but it's the weekend, so I'm sure I'll have some next time.

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