Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We just spent a week in Colorado and it was awesome!We got to see 5 of the families we traveled to China with.
Anne, Gunther and Lexie (hosted a BBQ)
Julie and Tess
Justin, Tracy, Mitchell, Devon and Loren
Heidi, Zach and Anika (Maia's XuWen friend)
John, Kathy and Kendra

We attended the reunion picnic and went to Boulder for dinner. It was so great to see all the families and all the girls are so beautiful and happy. Dylan and Devin made some really great friends, Mitchell and Devon. Thanks to Loren for having big brothers too!

We stayed with a friend from when we lived in Virginia (Sara) who now lives in a cozy house in the mountains of Evergreen with her dog, Molly. We had a BBQ at Sara's and got to meet some of her great friends. We went to a rodeo, went to Evergreen Lake and even hiked a mountain to see St Marys glacier! The boys saw snow for the FIRST TIME!!! I don't have to tell you how that was. I took almost 200 pictures...I don't know what was a better subject; the cute little girls or the beautiful scenery! Both boys fell in'll see Devin with Hailey, and Dylan with Lexie.

I'm posting the pics in another post. Enjoy!

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Maggi said...

Well, dang, I wish we'd met on the way out instead of the way home! I didn't know Julie & Tess were in your group or at the reunion ~ Hailey Rose is Betsy's mate from our December travel group (and we have seen them in NC as well as Denver) ~ and one of my 377 moms is in the photo of your boys on stilts!