Tuesday, September 11, 2007

School and Football

Cheesy grin


ok...Keep in mind Maia is a daredevil. Keith is sliding her back and forth on the kitchen island. She is going to LOVE roller coasters.

Fuzzy picture, but I can't resist the dimple shots

Helping with the dishwasher


Trying to whistle

Head, shoulders knees and toes

We are all back to school and football season is in full swing. The pictures in this post were just some quick ones I took tonight because I've had a few emails requesting new pictures. She has a scratch on her nose and paint on her shirt, but they're still cute.

Here's an update on the kids:

Dylan is in 5th grade. He has 3 excellent and challenging teachers. He gets a lot of homework but is taking it in stride. He is in class with all his best friends and they are all having a ball. He is doing great with football this year too! He is a wide receiver and has caught some tough passes so far. He just reaches up and grabs the ball with his giant hands! He's getting really good at blocking too.

Devin is in 2nd grade and has the same 2nd grade teacher that Dylan and Ashley had. He is in class with all his best friends too and he has been placed in a challenging class as well. He is playing football also and is doing very well. He plays on both defense and offense and makes tons of tackles. He is one of 3 running backs on the team and he's made several TD's already.

Maia is growing like a weed. She looks a lot bigger (26 lbs.) and her hair is pretty long. . She is talking a bit more, mostly still saying the first syllable of words. Between her little words and signs she has no trouble getting her point across. She is so silly- jumping, dancing, singing. She is quite the firecracker- full of energy and boy is she bossy! The boys have no chance with her around. She has also started using the potty. Actually, she started showing an interest at the end of the summer, but I sort of discouraged it because I knew she'd be starting day care soon and didn't want two big adjustments back to back. My neighbor makes fun of me because I "put a stop" to her pottying. Now that she's comfortable in day care, she started telling her teachers when she has to go. She has her own private potty because none of the other kids are interested.

Maia started day care on August 13th. I'm hoping this helps with her speech. She is going to the same place the boys went. Actually, when we started the process to adopt, Devin was in Pre K there, so they have been waiting for her! She cried a lot the first week but everyone there pitched in to help her adjust. The director would take her in the office and feed her and some of the other teachers would take her for walks in the hall. I even showed up one day to find her in the kitchen playing with the cook! They really bent over backwards to keep her happy and it worked. By the second week she was running into "cool" and waving bye to Dada. She loves it! She thinks she owns the place! Her teachers are wonderful and they adore Maia. She has become very feisty lately so her personality and dimpled smile have won them all over. We really couldn't ask for a more fabulous place for her. It doesn't hurt that the director's son in in my class, either ;).

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'll try to remember to bring my camera to football this weekend.


Anonymous said...

She's too cute and you're right, growing like a weed! I'm so glad she adjusted so quickly to daycare. I'm sure it would have taken her a lot longer if your center hadn't been so loving and nurturing to her during this tough transition. Glad to hear the boys are back in the swing of school and doing well too. Thanks for the new pics!

Julie said...

Of course we knew Maia would do great in school and everyone would love her. Go Maia!

Becky said...

The pictures are too cute! I'm glad everyone is having a great time in 'cool'!

anne, gunther and lexie said...

What a great update!! So glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that Miss Maia is her usual firecracker self!! Love the pics-it always makes my day to see your happy beautiful girl (and to hear how wonderfully the boys and you all are doing.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Maia has grown so much. She is so Beautiful. Glad to hear that eveyone is doing well

Staci A. Jospey

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