Thursday, November 01, 2007


We have a great Halloween neighborhood. There are tons of kids and everyone sits in their driveways passing out candy and socializing. We even have a fire truck that drives through and throws candy out to the kids.

Last Halloween, the boys wore identical costumes (their choice) and trick or treated for about an hour before deciding playing with their friends outside in the dark on a school night was more fun. They threw their candy in the house and played outside for 2 hours. K and I sat in our friends' driveway passing out candy.

This year the boys wore identical costumes (their choice) and trick or treated for about an hour, threw their candy bags in the house and played with their friends and their fake ninja weapons. K and I hung out with our same friends in their driveway.

Sounds very similar to last year. There is one major difference, however.

Last Halloween as we sat with our neighbors, we were waiting for our referral call, which was expected at any moment. This year, we had a cute little bumblebee in the driveway with us. Maia loved her costume and ran around the house "buzzing". Once we got outside, she wasn't so sure. As soon as she saw one of Dylan's friends wearing a bloody "scream" mask it was all over. She was afraid of all the scary costumes and I had to carry her around so we only went to a couple houses. She did enjoy her first taste of nerds (against my better judgement).


Anonymous said...

the boys look great
what wonderful photos


Julie said...

The little dudes look cool.

Maia looks beautiful!