Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Xuwen is the city in China where Maia was born. As you can see, it is a very beautiful place. It is located on the very Southern tip of China, near Hainan Island. My friend Linda, a wonderful Xuwen mom, recently took a trip to Xuwen and spent time at the CWI (orphanage). She took tons of pictures of the town, the resort she stayed in and even of the orphanage staff. She spent a lot of time with the directors and talked about our children. Linda has expressed that the staff/nannies were extremely caring toward the babies and were very excited to hear about how well our girls are doing. She even got the email address of the director's daughter (who speaks English). I emailed Jess (the director's daughter) and attached a recent picture of Maia. I also asked her to say "thank you" to her mother and the rest of the staff. I really hope she emails me back! We cannot thank Linda enough for providing this link to Maia's birthplace.


Becky said...

That is wonderful that you have that connection. Xuwen looks gorgeous. I know when we visited Regan's birthplace, Maoming, I loved the countryside. So much different than Guangzhou.

chantal said...

hello my name is chantal and i am from holland, we have a daughter staying in xuwen cwi as well, she was born in december 06.
i would love to receive more info about xuwen and the orphanage.
greetings, chantal

sonia santiago said...

Hello,my name is Sonia. I am from Canary Islands, Spain. I am a single and I have a daughter staying in Xuwen too, she was born in october 07.
I would receibe more info, photos and links about xuwen CWI and Xucheng-Xuwen Town.
Thank you.
Sonia and Laura Chang.

Anonymous said...

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