Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Maia!

The ticker at the top of the blog says it all! We gave Maia her presents this morning and she carefully tore open the packages and held out the little pieces of wrapping paper and told Keith to "hold" each piece. We have got to teach her to speed it up or Christmas is going to take forever! Maia had a small birthday party at school today and I was there too. It was also their Christmas party so we all made Christmas crafts and sang Christmas songs. Of course when we sang "Happy Birthday" Maia kept saying "more happy" and asking for cake. Her day care does not allow sweets so we had cheese and crackers. This evening we sang again at home and she blew out some candles and had her cake. We are having a small bday party for her on Sunday.

Maia has gotten some cute cards in the mail from her "forever" friends...

From Maia: Thanks Lexie, Tess and Loren (and Loren's cutie pie brothers) for my bday wishes. Tess- to answer your question...YES, since I will be the first of the group to drive I will pick you all up when I get my license and we'll go on a road trip!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Maia!
We love you!


Sandra said...

Happy Birthday :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful 2 year old

staci and your xu cousin Emilee

Becky and Regan said...

Happy Birthday Maia!!!