Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cousin Cadance turns 3!!


JinXiu said...

Sorry I had to leave the message here. I dont have your email address
I bought it on ebay. The designer is BBGB. If you cant find her let me know and I will search for her site. She makes beautiful dresses.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Cadance! Maia is such a cutie pie! And I'm so jealous that she'll wear flip flops. Olivia won't let anything go between her toes. Congrats on the big girl bed. We'll be moving into one over the summer.

amorisa said...

Peeked at your blog from the link on the comment you left on mine. Beautiful Kids! Maia (Xuna) is such a cutie. I enjoyed going back and checking out your China journey. Although I have to admit I mostly just looked at the pics. (I'm still too tired from my trip to feel like I'm seeing straight... does the jet lag end?)
I love adoption stories and really enjoyed yours.