Sunday, May 18, 2008

Loves water


Becky said...

She is so pretty! I love the pictures when she is laughing and obviously having a great time~!

Amie and Travis said...

How precious she is!! She looks like she really loves the water. Ayden takes a while to warm up to it every time, but once she does, its hard to pull her away! We will have to get together once you move to SC. You guys will be very close to us!
I love following along on your blog!!

akbyrd said...

Maia is so dang cute & so are those boys of yours. I am loving all the pictures. She has changed so much since her referral picture. As they all do. Ravenna is doing great with her new brother Hudson. We are excited for summer. From the looks of it you guys are already having the nice weather.
Happy Memorial Day,
Amy Byrd