Monday, July 14, 2008

Carolina on my mind

Here are some pictures of the boys playing Rock Band during a going away party at Dave and Alisa's house in FL. Maia has specifically asked to see Dave and Me-Lisa. She also wants to go to Chells house and she says "I need my Thomas".

(The new header is of the kids on our back screened porch before heading to the 4th of July parade and fireworks. )

We are finally online in SC! Our move was...eventful. Unfortunately all of our stuff didn't fit in the uhaul, so we had to put some things in storage. Keith will be back in a few weeks to get it all. On a good note, our house is wonderful! We really like it, as well as our neighborhood. Lots of trees and winding roads. One thing that is hard to get used to (Monica- you are not going to like this) there are tons of frogs at night! Loud, hopping frogs everywhere.

I registered the kids for school today and everyone is so friendly. I was even lucky enough to get Maia into the day care I wanted (GS). It was recommended to me by lots of people and I have been on the waiting list since May. The director flat out told me that I wouldn't get her in until next school year. After visiting a few other centers in town (and leaving in tears) I stopped by GS just to introduce myself and see what exactly I was waiting a year for! They showed me the 2 year old class and I noticed that they looked young. The director confirmed that they were a young group. I mentioned that Maia was 2 and a half. She asked if she was potty trained and I said yes. The director said, "Maybe we should go check out the 3 year old class." Long story short, there were 2 openings in the 3 year old class and they felt Maia could handle it. So the 2 spots went to Maia and my niece, Cadance. They will be in the same class! Cross your fingers that it goes well. I know nothing will ever compare to where she was in Florida (Hi M, S and T), but I feel pretty good about this place.

I don't have many pictures because I couldn't find the charger for my camera battery, but I have some of 4th of July. We've also been to a water park, beach and Hilton Head.


JinXiu said...

Congratulations of getting Maia into the daycare you wanted to get her into. Shes going to have a great school year.

I understand how had it can be to get kids into a school. I put Emilee on Pre-school lists when I first came home over 2 years ago and her name still has not come up at a few of the schools. Also the ones where her name did come up was not a sure thing. She still had to be interviews and tested. Luckly she made the pre-school that was top on my list. I couldnt belive what I had to go through. This is pre-school not college. But NY is very competitive. She starts summer pre-school next week. I just received her uniform and it is so cute. I really hope she adjusts well.

I love the pictures of your kid band. Too cute. Can I get tickets to their concert.

I noticed you put up a new picture on your tittle top. Who is the beautiful girl?

Have a great summer


Monica said...

FROGS! Yuck! If I ever get there to visit I will be sure to NEVER go out at night!

I am glad all went well with the move. I am sure the change will be great for all of you.

mimi said...

Things just seem to alway work out the way they should. Devin and Dylan - you probably don't know this but Aunt Gail and Uncle Denis made me move when I was nine - to New Jersey. This is when I really got to know your mom and made most most of my lifelong friends. You guys are soooo cool. You're going to have a ton of friends really soon! And you can always keep in touch with your buds from Florida. My best friend here in Chicago I met in NJ when I was nine. I won't publish how long ago that was on line. You are too cool. Everyone's gonna love you! Believe me!

Mommy Doodle said...

Glad to hear you are all somewhat settled. You should be glad you were not here in Florida rained ALL day! We got stuck inside! Two kids inside all day...not a good mix we are hoping for sun tomorrow!!!

We miss you guys....

Marianne pour "les cousines de Xuwen" said...

Tricia, lovely new blog lay out !!! I like it very much. But tell me : where have you moved to? Still in Florida or elsewhere? Lots of love to you 5 ! French Mariannne