Monday, September 15, 2008


There is always lots of discussion in the adoption community about what our children lose when they are taken from their birth countries. I agree that she has lost so much. I know Maia will miss out on Chinese culture and what it means to be Chinese and live in China. She is ethnically Chinese but she's actually Chinese American. She is an American citizen and the only thing she can't do is be president ( although there's still time to change that).

Anyway, I saw the "quote of the day" in my side bar and it made me think of Maia...

"Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be." Daniel J. Boorstin

Maia will have many more freedoms as an American and her life will be very different with us than it would have been if she stayed in Xuwen. Although I will always feel guilty/sad about all that she has lost in her little life, I know this is where she is supposed to be. She was always meant to be with us, just as the boys were meant to be with us. I wish her birthparents could know how special she is and see that she inherited someone's dimples. :)


Mommy Doodle said...

I think that about Delaney's parents everyday. I also know that the child I have now...would probably not be the same child in China. I feel that Delaney was always meant to be with us and be part of our family.

Anonymous said...

Trish, Keith, Dylan and Dev - having met Maia on the day she came to the U.S. and seeing the radical and beautiful growth in her is inspiring to me as it should be to all that have witnessed it. And it is truly a product of the love that you and the Stamp boys have given her. I know he has gained far more than she would have lost. Maia for President 2036!