Saturday, January 10, 2009

The header picture is from 2 years ago this week. Such baby faces! Maia had only been home for 2 1/2 weeks, but the love is evident in their faces.

On another note, I had one of "those" experiences at a birthday party today when the second we got there, these 2 women attacked me and asked if Maia was "adopted" (said in a whisper). I said "Yes, and she knows all about it!" They asked me (still whispering) where she was from and I turned to Maia and said, "Where were you born?" She replied with a dimpled smile, "At China!" They continued to whisper. Their questions went on and on...the usual ones- "Was she in an orphanage (whisper)?" "Do you know anything about her birth parents?" "You know there are a lot of girls over there..." Blah, Blah, Blah. It ended with a 3rd lady who said, "She looks just like the girls on Jon and Kate Plus 8!" Oh, boy!


tracy said...

been there!

that picture is too cute! should be an ad for ccai.

anne, gunther, lexie and benja said...

yup-people are should hear the comments when you have two from fav-"well, if they are brother and sister, why didn't you get them at the same time, did their parents keep your son longer?" or "OH, you have twins?" uhm...adopted.

LOVE the pic! Miss you guys~~

JinXiu said...

Boy have i been there
too many times to count
People just dont think
I can write a book on some of the comments. LOL

Love the picture. It is too the kids have grown up so much in just 2 years

Miss Michelle said...

Tell those women and anyone else for that matter that Maia is adopted and by more than you and Keith. she has a whole family in cape coral that adopted her too and still love her with all their hearts! P.S. Love the picture where she dressed herself! Hilarious!!! And soooo Maia!!