Monday, July 06, 2009

dancing and singing

I just found out that the wellness company I'm marketing for has a foundation that sponsors an orphanage in Ecuador!


JinXiu said...

i cant get over how she reminds me so much of Emilee

Marianne said...

Dear Tricia and family,
Could not help using one of Maia's photo singing on Ninon's blog (she is cute as ever). How are you? How is your dad? My mum has traveled to Haute-Provence in her secondary home for the rest of the summer. It is quite a relief for me as I know that she will really enjoy her stay (she meets my dad's brothers and sisters there), whereas during the rest of the year she seems sad in her house near Paris (340 km from us). Anyway... this is really difficult.

Have an excellent summer. Love + hug to miss Maia