Monday, December 14, 2009


3 yrs ago, 12/11/06, we became a Family of 5 in China when we held our baby girl for the first time!Even though we waited so long for her,she was clearly NOT waiting for us! She was SO scared and SO sad(and had a really wacky haircut)but luckily, she quickly learned to love and trust us.We could all learn a lot from her courage on that day. Maia~ I am PROUD to be YOUR Mommy!


Mommy Doodle said...

Happy Forever Family Day, Maia!

JinXiu said...

Love the family pictures. She is too cute. I loke the haircut. Emilee had a freshly shaved head. Can you beleive when we got back to the Swite Swan someone said " Oh what a cute Boy". hello--Im in China with a baby----GIRL.. I ran up to the room I glued a bow to velcro and stuck it to her head.

Happy Family day and happy Birthday to the Xuwen princess. she is georgous

Staci and Xuwen Cousin Emilee