Sunday, December 27, 2009

Griswald Christmas!

Our family, consisting of 8 adults and 9 kids (ages 10 months thru 18), spent several days this Christmas in a gorgeous luxury cabin in the mountains in NC. There was too much ice on the road leading up to our cabin, so once my brother in law got all of us (and our stuff) up the mountain into the cabin in his truck, we pretty much had to stay put! It was quite an experience with a bunch of kids, raised in SC and FL, who hadn't really experienced snow before. Oh, and all those electronic Christmas presents? We had no power on Christmas day. So...what did we do? We had SO much fun! We...

did lots of sleigh riding
made snow angels
built a snow-lady
had snowball fights
played foosball
played more foosball
kids put on a skit :)
went in the hot tub
played hide and seek
opened presents (that we couldn't plug in)
drank coffee made in the fireplace
ate food cooked on the grill (lasagna, pie, ham)
ate some more
ate even more
Oh...and Lana took her first steps!!!

No need to mention the flat tire that the three kids and I got on I26 at 11 pm on the way home. Thank goodness for Geico Roadside assistance.


JinXiu said...

Love the pictures

It looks like you all had an amazing time. how nice that you all go away every year as a family. its memories that your children will carry with them foever.

The kids muct have loved the snow

we are buried unted 20+ inches of it so Im jealous of the nice warm weather you are going back to

Happy Holidays


akbyrd said...

Love all the Griswald Christmas pics! Here is my email:
509.998.3512 cell
I have not heard about the Xuwen tell.
Happy New Year to your darling family!
The Byrd's