Thursday, December 21, 2006

The final step

Hi Dylan and Devin! Did you have fun with Brandt and Bryce? Nana told us the Williamson's had lots of activities planned for you. 6 kids in one house...they're going to need a vacation after that!

Yesterday we had the famous "red couch pictures" (which Aunt Sue has been waiting for) and today we took the oath at the American Consulate, which means we are done here and we can come home!

We are currently PACKING! It's Thursday night and we leave tomorrow (Friday) at 9pm. That is Friday morning 8am your time. We will get to LAX at 6pm (yes, you read that right) then we stay there for about 5 hours. We will go through customs there and recheck our baggage. As soon as we land at LAX Maia Isabelle will be a US citizen! We then fly to Pittsburgh and finally to Fort Myers. We land in Forth Myers at 11:16 am on Saturday the 23rd.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to post tomorrow, so here are some pictures to hold you over until we get there. We are so looking forward to seeing some friendly faces at the airport! We especially can't wait to hug our 2 precious boys who we have been aching to hold for the past 15 days. We're on our way home, boys!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Trisha, Maia is so beautiful! You and Keith are very lucky to finally have your daughter. You must be glad to be going home! I miss home, although Germany is very beautiful. I hope I will get the chance to meet your daughter someday. Merry Christmas! You just got the best gift of the century! Congratulations!!!

Love, Kate