Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Kendra and her parents

Madrin and her parents

Anika and her mom watching her dad climb the pagoda

Caitlin and her parents


Anonymous said...

Are these the Xuwen families? Or some of the Yangchun families, too? I saw a photo of Madrin on another blog site and she looks a lot like our Yangchun baby did!

Looks like you're having a relaxing time now, except for the rash. Hope it clears up soon!

Coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, Kieth and Maia, It is now Wed. eve here and Dylan and Devin are at Beth's house for another sleepover. I really don't know who was more excited for them to go, her boys, your boys or Beth herself!!! She has all kinds of things planned for them to do including making a ginger-bread with candies to decorate with. She is so nice as are all your friends who have helped this week and I am very grateful. Gail and Denis got here safely and we went to Houlihans for dinner. We are loosely planning Christmas dinner. It will depend how you both and Maia feel as to what we do. Everyone is so excited to have you all home safely and to see most of our family here together. I know Suzanne will be sad but the news that they are coming to Orlando in May is a wonderful present.
I hope all is well and that Maia is better. The boys and Dad and I had big smiles on our faces when we saw the picture of Keith feeding her a bottle. There were loud "ahhhhhhhhh" from all of us!! Dylan said "look how cute!" They are such good boys,Tricia, and I'm so happy that you trusted us to care for these treasures. I hope Maia loves us fast so we can take care of her also. I love you all with all my heart and am so longing to have you all home safely. Have a wonderful day and we will all check in tomorrow when your boys get home. LOVE MOM