Sunday, December 17, 2006

Last night we went on the Pearl River dinner cruise. It was really pretty. The food was ok, we haven't been too adventurous because we don't want to get sick. Some of the adults have gotton sick. Today we had a bunch of paperwork to complete then we walked around the island we're on (Shamian Island). It was a beautiful, warm day and there are many parks and shops to go to. We even went to a beautiful coffee house on one of the parks. The coffee was better than Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts! We also played in the playroom for a while with some of Maia's friends. She is becoming so animated and she is actually very silly and goofy! She rolls around and squeals with delight. She smiles a lot and Keith is even getting some smiles. She continues to be very shy with strangers. Developmentally, she is pretty delayed. She is too flexible and doesn't have much muscle tone. Her crawling is getting better and she likes to stand but falls over a lot. She cannot pick up small things (no pincer grasp) or manipulate things. She still won't eat solid food but some of the other babies who wouldn't eat solids in the beginning are starting to. What's interesting is that none of the babies from her orphanage put things in their mouths like is common for babies. Tomorrow we have a sightseeing tour of a Buddhist Temple and some other historic sites. We are so anxious to get home!

Dylan, that's so cool about the concert. You must have been really rockin' out! saw Santa???!!! I'm so jealous!

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