Sunday, December 17, 2006

Our hotel (The White Swan) from the river boat.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mommy, Daddy and Maia, Today we are going to a sleep over at the Bearmans house and tomorrow lunch and movie with mrs. Sheehnan. It is going to be awesome. Daddy, I will find out how the Giants do today at 4pm. Talk to you again tomorrow night. I love you miss you. LOVE DEVIN!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! We had a busy weekend so I haven't been checking your updates - seems like Maia is adjusting a lot better! I know you are all ready to get on that plane and come home - we are ready to come to Florida too! Maia is beautiful. Tricia she will catch up developmentally very quickly - she just needs the experience to learn - and you will give her the tools! I can't wait to see Maia and Maddie together...Love, Coco, Dan and Maddie

catherine glauda said...

Hi Keith, Trisch and Maia-
I love the photos.
I nearly cried when I saw the one of Keith holding Maia-It is wonderful to see how she is warming up to you both.
I absolutely adore the photo of Main and the other little girl looking at each other.
May God bless you all and keep you safe!