Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This is the fort the boys make under Devin's bed.

A friend from work sent me this... Apparently, on Earth Day the newspaper had all these quotes from astronauts and other people who have seen the earth from space. This one is from an American-Iranian Space Tourist:

“The sheer beauty of it just brought tears to my eyes. If people can see Earth from up here, see it without borders, see it without differences in race or religion, they would have a completely different perspective. Because when you see it from that angle, you cannot think of your home or your country. All you can see is one Earth…..”


Anonymous said...

It must be amazing to see the Earth in that way, but can you get the same feeling of unity and peace from space camp? I've always wanted to do that.

Where's that hot picture of you and toddlerized Maia Xunana?

Love, Sue

Beckyb said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say Hi - great blog - LOVE to read about moms and dads with boys and then a China blessing!!! That's us too - :)