Friday, April 13, 2007

Wannado City

We went to Wannado City in Fort Lauderdale yesterday and the boys had a blast.

Devin is ready to climb the rock wall.

Dylan is on his way to the top.

Dev is at the top ringing the bell.

Dylan- Publix manager. The lady gave him extra Wongas ( Wannado City money) because he stayed and cleaned up the store. She said he's "manager material". Devin was a Publix customer. Of course, he bought bananas, crackers, eggs, water and ranch dressing.
Maia doing what she "wannado"...running around!

The boys are ready to go into the Wonka Factory and make some candy.
Hard at work making candy (Parents weren't allowed in so picture is taken from behind a window. Dylan about to climb the rock wall.

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