Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Remember this?

We certainly do! One year ago today we were handed our sweet little girl... Xu Na Na from Xuwen, China.
There are really no words to describe what this day means to us so I won't even try. I will say that everyone who knows Maia, understands the miracle of adoption.
Happy Forever Family Day Maia Isabelle Xuna! We love you :)
We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life.
But those who make their journey home across time & miles,
growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,
are carried on the wings of destiny
and placed among us by
God's very own hands.
--- Kristi Larson


Anonymous said...


It only gets better

all my best

staci and Emilee

Julie said...


Monica said...

I am so happy for all of you. I can't believe it has been a year. Little Miss Maia has changed so much in one short year!
Happy Day!

anne, gunther and lexie said...

What a difference love makes!! Thinking of you all and give Miss Maia hugs and kisses from us! (Better give Dylan a kiss from Lexie too!!)