Sunday, February 17, 2008



Trish said...

Trisha, I lost your e-amil address somehow, but saw your comment in my blog, yes you can re-add the pictures. I just added the girls referral pictures to the side. I think your blog looks great!


cristie said...

Hi Trisha!

I just located your blog. I am also a Xuwen Mom! My daughter, Maliah came home in September of 06. She is just over two now. I LOVE the pictures of your daughter. What a doll she is! Xuwen is such a special place to our family! We have a family blog and a blog for our journey to Maliah.
I'd love to keep in touch!
Cristie Martine

Anonymous said...

Hi! Save this picture for when she starts moaning and groaning about chores...BTW, I am going for the bob cut and I'm going to Bananas. They've cut her hair before and do a nice job.