Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Devy new"

That's what Maia said when she noticed that Devin got a haircut. She keeps calling him that. He doesn't like his hair because it's way shorter than he asked the girl for. Also, kids at school made fun of him :(. He's ok though...he's tough.


anne, gunther, lexie and benjamin said...

Well, we like the new haircut here in Colorado! He looks very handsome and cute!

Anonymous said...

He looks adorable. Tell him those other kids just don't have good taste! Can't wait to see Maia's haircut. Just be sure you make an appointment if you go to the one in the cape. They only take appts right now.

Autumn and Baba said...

Hi there! wonderful to see that all is going well. Maia is just so adorable and that smile says soooo much!
love the post about her riding her 'bike'. I'm trying to work with Autumn on that but so far she just wants me to push her...plus the weather hasn't been so cooperative...can't wait for Spring!

take care!

Trish said...

Tricia, Is there an FCC group down here by us? Will you e-mail me please? Trish
Hannah and Hailey's mom