Sunday, March 02, 2008

Glass Plus works better than Windex

The title of this post really has no meaning other than the fact that I made this discovery this weekend. Enjoy the pictures!
Enlarge for a good eyelash shot. I love eyelash shots!

Happy Birthday, Pop Pop!

The boys have learned to just look at the camera and smile until I say they can leave. As you can see, the smiles get more and more fake as the pictures progress.

Even Charlie got to go to the park.



anne, gunther, lexie and benjamin said...

Way jealous of the lack of jackets and the SUN!!!!! Miss you all-thanks for sharing the pics!

Marianne pour "les cousines de Xuwen" said...

Ohoh, Tricia, I think I'll probably "steal" one of Maia pix for Ninon's blog again. Your little one is such a beauty... Kindest regards from French Marianne

JinXiu said...

I love the new pictures of Maia. She has getting more and more beautiful.. where did you get that dress? I love it.

where in florida are you. Im going to disney next wee