Sunday, July 27, 2008

Got a minute?

Click on "free rice" in the sidebar. I think I'm going to use this site with my 5th graders this year.
watching Noggin

fake smile

Spinnler...this one's for you!


mommy of 2 said...

Love the cute smiles of your little girl!

I've played on the Free Rice website myself and it is fun! Yes, use it with your 5th graders! I learned from it myself - LOL!


Lauren said...

Thanks, Stamp! If you ever want to send her back this way....
Glad to see it's going well!!

JinXiu said...

oh my got

her face has matured so much

she is georgous

Becky said...

I did the Free Rice thing and had flashbacks of my Senior Year in highschool where we had an SAT prep class that went over those words over, and over, and over! It was addicting and I had to make myself stop!

Marianne pour "les cousines de Xuwen" said...

Lovely shots, Tricia. How are you adjusting in South Carolina? Is the weather as sunny and warm as in Florida? Looking at Xu cousins blogs, I noticed that Victoria (Tori) is spending her hols with her elder brother (8 or 9 years old) in South Carolina... Here is their Internet site address just in cas you would not know it. Love


JinXiu said...

I agree that the two girls look so similar. Its amazing. Sometimes you post a photo with an expression that looks like like Emilees. I sometimes have to take a double take,

I really think that most of the Xuwen girls have one of two looks. Both Beeautiful

Hows SC? Are you ajusting well. i bet the kids love it.

I may be in Charleston in late sept early oct

Marianne pour "les cousines de Xuwen" said...

Hi Tricia !
Just wanted to tell you I made the decision to privatize Ninon's blog soon (too many connexions from unknown people). Could you please send me your email, so that I send you an invitation, as I just did for Staci, for you to continue to visit us? Thanks + love French Marianne

ginine said...

look at her long hair! before you know it the bangs will grow out, no worries. and no haircut could make her cute face look bad anyways. so good to see you guys this weekend. it was crazy, but a lot of fun!