Monday, August 04, 2008


We just came back from a really fun weekend with family in HHI. We also got haircuts! I got my hair chopped (as requested) but Maia received a hack job of a haircut. I just asked for a trim! Well, it was so uneven that I had to go somewhere else the next day to have it evened out. I don't even want to mention the bangs. What did the hair stylist say as I expressed my distaste? "Hair grows really fast in the summer anyway". Ugh!


Monica said...

Maia looks adorable! I don't think she could have a bad haircut!

Anonymous said...

Maia looks great Tricia!! This is so strange...I had a dream last night (before reading this blog) that you got your hair cut just above your shoulders! If you got it that short, well..I guess I can read your mind! Miss you!

Mommy Doodle said...

The "grows really fast" comment is pretty bad....I think it looks cute! At least it is not as short as Delaney's. Still not long enough to falls out.
I had a Mom ask me where I get her hair cut because she thought it was a cute style. I told her "chinese orphanage" should have seen her face!

JinXiu said...


Maias hair looks beautiful, but I understand when you have somthing in mind and the hair dresser does not do what you want

read this blog I wrote from last year

Maia is so beautiful she could never have a bad hair cut and yes, hair does grow fast

How are you doing?

I may be in Sc in Oct, I would love to meet up.....

take care


Marianne pour "les cousines de Xuwen" said...

I love Maia new hair cut : a lovely bob !!! Love to you 5. Marianne, Ninon and Luc

Marianne pour "les cousines de Xuwen" said...

Oooooops, I eventually put my eyes on Staci comment... and realised I did not take time to read your post saying you were disappointed with Maia's hair cut. Well it seems to me the second hairdresser has done a pretty good job, hasn't he? love. Marianne