Sunday, August 17, 2008

NFL Draft?!?!?

Well...not really but they were just as excited! Pop Warner football is very serious here. They boys had "skills day" on Saturday. Each kid had a draft number on his shirt. They did drills while the coaches watched and wrote stuff down on their clipboards. Today, the coaches all sat down and had "draft day". We got the phone calls tonight...Dylan is a Falcon and Devin is a Viking! I have pictures but my laptop fried and I'm using the boys' laptop. It's not compatible with my camera. Sorry!

School starts for me tomorrow and the boys start Thursday. School, meet the teacher nights, football practice every night and looking for new day care for Maia (don't ask). Busy week.

(Skyline friends...if you see Devin's friend Parker K. please tell him Devin is a Viking. Apparently, it's Parker's favorite team.) Thanks!

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The Sharp Family said...

I found your blog through the Henderson's. Are you guys in Charleston too? We just got back 3 weeks ago with our daughter Norah! Take care!