Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Devin turns 10 today! I think he smiled ALL day! He even gave me a big wave, grin and a "HI MOM" in the hallway at school. Usually, he's too cool for that and just gives me a small smile while his friends all wave and say "HI" wildly.

As a baby, he was very chubby, very blonde, very cuddly and very easy-going.
In the future, Devin wants to play football for the Florida Gators and be drafted by the NFL. His back up plan? Ice cream man.

Now, Devin is...
obsessed with sports
competitive (very)
lazy with chores
great hugger
picky eater
a chick magnet
a loyal friend
dreamy (according to the girls in his class)

The other day, the girls in my class told me that the walls in the girls' bathroom are covered with graffiti that says, "Devin S---- is hot" and "I love Devin S----".
He already acts like a teenager. I think we're in for it for the next 10 years. At least he makes us laugh!

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