Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lazy day

Not much going on today. Maia is not feeling well. She has a bad rash and hives on her face and torso. The doctor said it's an allergy. We don't know what it's from though. I think the air and water quality here is much worse than where she is from. Combine that with the different laundry detergent and baby wash and I think that's what she has. 2 other babies have a similar rash, so there is a chance it's a virus. The doctor gave her a shot and some benadryl (she SAID it's Benadryl) but it hasn't worked. They prescribe this benadryl in an unmarked bottle for every ailment. Tomorrow we're going to give her the American benadryl.

We just napped today and went for our usual walk around the island. We always end up at Blenz, the coffee place. Tonight we had a group dinner to a delicious Thai restaurant. I'll post some photos of some travel mates.

By the way, the other website has been updated. I was having trouble sending pictures to it, so I uploaded a new picture sharing program and it's working out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy, Daddy and Maia, We are surely going to tackle you !! I hope it isn't going to be painful. Today, I won 887 tickets at Mike Greenwells and I got a squishy and a pounching bag. I blew it up and it is perfect. Dylan and I played perfectly together for the third time in our lives!! Can't wait to see you, LOVE AND KISSES DEVIN XXOXOXOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

Be prepared Mommy and Daddy, especially you Daddy cause I'm tackeling you extra hard!!! Mike Greenwells was awesome and I won 485 tks. and I got some good stuff. Mommy, there were 120 pages in the series of unfortunate events book. I hope Maia's rash is better. Love and kisses DYLAN XOXOXOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Good Morning all, We are all fine. Yes Tricia Sue is able to read your blog at work and I have been keeping her informed while she is on vacation. Also, those pictures did print on my email. Take care and give each other hugs from us.cant wait to see youall
love and XOXOXO
mom and Dad