Monday, December 18, 2006


Today we went to a Buddhist temple and the babies were blessed by a Monk. It was a very peaceful place.

The WHOLE gang!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you you guys! Maia is absolutely precious and an extremely lucky little girl to get such a wonderful family. She obviously needed you, Tricia. You and Keith are her angels. Merry Christmas!
Love, Spinnler

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy, Daddy and Maia, The sleepover with Jacop and Zack was Awesome. We stayed up till 1:30AM!!!! We also went to the movie and saw "Happy Feet" after going to CICI'S pizza!!!!!!YUMMMM! Tommorow we are going to Mc-Donalds and Mike Greenwell's with the Bearmens and MS McCarthy. THat will be fun.XOXOXO LOVE DYLAN

Anonymous said...

Dear Mommy, Daddy and Maia, At the sleepover, I was the 2nd one to fall asleep. I really liked the Movie and when Maia gets older we should get1 for her because there was 1 freakey part that she is too young to see now. Maia looked pretty in the play room standing up. Love DEvinXOXOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!