Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Colleen "reminded" me (read: chastised me) about not updating the blog for a while. So, this one's for you Colleen!

We celebrated Dylan's 10th birthday at our house and at Sun Splash (water park). There were 13 boys and 2 sweet little girls (Maia and my niece, Cadance). The boys were all so good and had a blast.
Also, I'm starting a small business. Click on the 1-2-3 Sign with Me! Link on the right of this page.
Hope this was up to your standards, Colleen. Looking forward to co teaching with you again this year!


Julie said...

Love her little suit!

Also, congrats on the business!

Colleen said...

Thanks Tricia...gotta get my weekly dose of Maia! Looks like Dyl had an awesome birthday party! You are very brave to take that many boys to Sunsplash! Looking forward to working with you again! See ya Monday!

Tracy, Justin and Loren said...

Happy birthday Dylan from Mitch and Devon!

Good luck everyone in school this year!!

Tracy, Justin and Loren

Aunt Sue said...

Aunt Tricia,
I'm Moonie. I like Maia. Dylan and Devin! I want Tricia and Uncle Keith and toys and Maia. I'm Moonie. Bye-bye!

(as dictated from the child)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracie

Happy Birthday to Dylan

Maia looks great. emilee had the same bathing Suit

take care

Staci A. Jospey

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